“G.B.” Beth Hanson

“Here is my description of a truly happy land where Jehovah is God: Sons vigorous and tall as growing plants. Daughters of graceful beauty like the pillars of a palace wall.” Psalm 144:12

Providing God-honored direction to our Youth here at Huron UMC is my objective, my prayer, and my challenge.  I think all of us in Youth ministry see the complexity of doing it, with the Call to do it whole-heartedly.

There is so much potential in our rising Sons and Daughters! Many of them already walk in ways that exemplify the caring, giving, working nature of Jesus and His disciples.  They hope to make a difference in life for the better.

So, I partner with their parents and the Church in that hope. I am one who marks this part of their path to maturity with:

Reminders to apply God’s Word in their choices.
Opportunities to serve others.
Occasions to fellowship and share.
Encouragement to move into their independence always “listening” to the voice of the Holy Spirit.

Here at Huron UMC we welcome Youth friends and neighbors to join us in weekly meetings, monthly activities, and all our services!